Juan Carlos Arboleya

After finishing his BSc degree in Chemistry, he started his scientific career at the Institute of Food Research (Norwich, United Kingdom), focused on the physico-chemical properties. He studied the fundamental mechanisms that control texture in food in order to develop strategies for improving sensory and nutritional properties of foodstuffs. He got his PhD in physical-biochemistry in 2004 by the University of East Anglia, UK. Part of his scientific knowledge was applied to the design of new dishes in haute cuisine by means of the collaboration with different prestigious restaurants. He is currently head of Science Department at the Basque Culinary Center (University of Mondragon, Spain), programme director of the Master (MSc) and PhD programme in Gastronomic Sciences. He is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, published by Elsevier.

Daniel Vézina

Daniel Vézina opened his restaurant Laurie Raphaël in Quebec City in 1991 with Suzanne Gagnon, his associate and life partner. Since then, he has used his Laurie Raphaël Restaurant as a podium to showcase Quebec artisans, offering their products for his customers to discover. After 28 years in operation, his restaurant has won several awards while proudly serving a committed gastronomy. In the spring of 2016, he decided to invest in an extreme transformation of his restaurant to offer a renewed culinary experience colored by his proud successors: Raphael and Laurie-Alex Vézina, his two children who are gradually taking the restaurant reins, to his great delight. Since 1996, in addition to publishing six (6) cookbooks, Daniel Vézina has also carved out a place of choice in the hearts of Quebeckers, sharing his culinary values and his belonging to Quebec’s “terroir” in several radio and television shows, including the very popular show "Les Chefs!" on Radio-Canada. Daniel Vézina is considered one of the spokeperson of thoughtful, lean cuisine. To this day, he has received several awards, including the following: in 2012, he is inducted into the International Order of Disciples of Auguste Escoffier in Paris. Elected Chef of the Year in 2006 at the ITHQ Gala, he received the Renaud Cyr Award in 2001 for the National Merit of Food and Nutrition. He was also elected by his peers "Chef Prestige of the Year 2000" at the 11th Gala de la restauration in Quebec City.

Jordan LeBel

Jordan LeBel is an associate professor in the marketing department at Concordia University's John Molson School of Business where he teaches food marketing. A graduate of the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec and the Cornell University Hotel School, he began his career in high-end restaurants where he held several positions including chef and restaurant inspector. He completed his Ph.D. at McGill University where he studied the quest for pleasure and its role in consumer decisions by using chocolate as a research topic.

Jordan has taught catering management and marketing in Norway, Switzerland and the United States. His areas of teaching and research focus on design and marketing experiences, retail, consumer education strategies and new product marketing issues. He has won several awards for the quality of his teaching and leadership in education including the 3M award for the best university professors in Canada.

Jordan is very involved in the Quebec agri-food sector and is a member of the Scientific Committee on the Prevention of Obesity of the Institut national de santé publique du Québec. Curious and committed, he is an affiliate member of the Concordia Center for Sensory Studies, of the PERFORM Center and is a certified corporate director. His knowledge led him to give several conferences with companies and professional organizations in Quebec, Canada, and the United States. He has been a columnist for Salut Bonjour !, for Commerce and Le Must magazines, and for the show Homerun on CBC. His fields of expertise and his wide perspective on the world of food make him a commentator often requested by the media.

Sandra Gauthier

With college studies in Tourism and university studies in Animation and Cultural Research, in Tourism Management, and more recently in Sustainable Development, Sandra Gauthier first started working in tourism and marketing, in Montreal and Europe.

Back in her native Gaspésie in 2004, she took over the Explorama Interpretation Center, a center dedicated to the wonders of Gaspésie, and set up a major reconceptualization project. This project allowed Explorama to become Exploramer, a scientific museum dedicated to the oceanography and marine biodiversity of the St. Lawrence river. Following this reorientation, Exploramer went from 7,000 to 27,000 visitors and became one of the jewels of Quebec's scientific museology.

In 2008, Sandra Gauthier created Smarter Seafood (Fourchette Bleue), an eco-guide dedicated to fish and seafood from sustainable and responsible fisheries of the St. Lawrence. Bringing together the fishing industry and the scientific community around the principles of sustainable development, Smarter Seafood is the only program devoted to the St. Lawrence.

Exploramer and Smarter Seafood have won numerous awards including the Sustainable Tourism Award of the Quebec Tourism Awards, the Corporate Citizenship Award from L'Actualité magazine, a Phoenix of the environment and, most recently, a Laurier of gastronomy in the Business-Initiative of the Year category.

Jean-François Archambault

Jean-François Archambault is the Founder and Managing Director of La Tablée des Chefs. Soon after his studies in Hotel Management at ITHQ, Jean-François became a manager in the hospitality industry for Fairmont and Marriott, where he worked for 10 years. His main passion is his social business, La Tablée des Chefs, created in 2002. With it, Jean-François socially mobilizes chefs and cooks, believing in their incredible ability to intervene on the issue of hunger and to address its many challenges. Every year, La Tablée des Chefs feeds over 600,000 Canadians in need through food recovery, and educates over 3,000 youths in over 100 high schools across Quebec to develop their culinary skills. The organization now involves over 400 chefs and cooks. La Tablée des Chefs, also present in France and Mexico, is now extending its Kitchen Brigades Program offered in high-schools, to the rest of Canada.

In 2015, Jean-François Archambault received the Meritorious Service Cross from the Governor General of Canada. In 2018, he received the Quebec Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Exceptional Merit and the Tribute Award from the Foundation of the Association Restauration Québec (ARQ).

John Winter Russell

John Winter Russell est Chef du restaurant Candide qui figure parmi les 100 meilleurs restaurants au Canada selon Canada’s 100 best. Son menu se distingue par une cuisine locale 12 mois par année, dans le strict respect des offres de saison. John cuisine avec les produits de fournisseurs locaux et de ses deux jardins. À l’échelle de son restaurant, peu d’établissements tiennent cette offre à l’année. Pour ce jeune chef de 32 ans, l’innovation culinaire passe par une relation durable avec les artisans, leurs produits ainsi que toutes les personnes impliquées dans le processus de la ferme à la table.

Thibault Renouf

Photo credit: Jordan Massé


Co-founder of the Arrivage platform and co-initiator of the NPO La Transformerie, Thibault Renouf defines himself as a militant entrepreneur. At a very young age, he tried to understand what lies behind his plate and to propose concrete solutions to social and environmental issues related to our diet.

His heartfelt dream is to find products from small local and craft farms at every street corner, at the grocery store and at the restaurant. To do this, together with his partner Félix-Étienne Trépanier, he imagined Arrivage : networking platform offering farmers and artisans an opportunity to sell to professionals locally and without intermediaries.

Concerned about adding more diversity on the market, Thibault and his team are developing the Gardiens de Semences operation. Through it, chefs, grocery stores and food transformers can choose to sponsor an artisanal seed that will be grown by a partner market gardener during the year. Together, seed custodians promote heritage, rare or endangered varieties and showcase them in the fields and on the plates. More than 50 varieties have been sponsored in 2019 throughout Quebec.

Steve Labrie

Steve Labrie is a full professor in the Department of Food Science. He is Director of the Dairy Science and Technology Research Centre (STELA) and a member of the Institute on Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF). His research activities are mainly focused on the microbiology of specialty cheeses. More specifically, his team is working on the characterization of yeasts and mold in ripening cheeses with flowery and washed rinds.

Alain Girard

Alain Girard, Ph.D. est professeur-chercheur à l’ITHQ et rattaché à l’unité de recherche GastronomiQc Lab. Il a développé une expertise dans les pratiques culinaires et alimentaires des immigrants de première génération. S’intéressant particulièrement aux cultures alimentaires, la question des significations de l’acte de manger ainsi que les contextes et les usages qui les accompagnent et les supportent demeurent des pivots de ses recherches.

Il a un intérêt tout particulier pour les produits forestiers sauvages comestibles et surtout pour les divers acteurs qui participent à la mise en valeur des produits et des territoires.

Il travaille actuellement sur le développement d’un axe de recherche sur les étapes de la vie des mangeurs en regardant de plus près les problématiques liées à la fin de vie autant en contexte de soins palliatifs que des centres de soins de longue durée pour les aînés.

Il mène enfin une recherche sur les pratiques d’approvisionnement des services alimentaires au regard des circuits courts de distribution de produits alimentaires.

Pascale Marcotte

Pascale Marcotte, Ph.D. est professeure titulaire à la Faculté de foresterie, de géographie et de géomatique de l’Université Laval. Chercheure à la Chaire de recherche en partenariat sur l’attractivité et l’innovation en tourisme (Québec-Charlevoix), elle s’intéresse à l’expérience touristique des visiteurs, au développement de produits et à la mise en valeur des attraits touristiques et culturels.

Mathilde Laroche-Bougie

Née sur une ferme de production maraichère, Mathilde est tombée dans la marmite de l’agroalimentaire dès son enfance. Elle cumule deux formations collégiales en diététique et en travail social. Véritable touche-à-tout, elle compte plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans plusieurs secteurs de l’agroalimentaire en passant de projets pour l’accès à l’alimentation aux usines de transformation, à la restauration ou à l’entreprenariat.

Depuis 2018, elle a joint Aliments du Québec où elle est en charge du programme «Aliments du Québec au menu». Sa mission? Aider les institutions et restaurants à augmenter et valoriser leur approvisionnement en produits québécois tout en prenant en compte leurs besoins spécifiques. Elle collabore ainsi avec les tables de concertation, les systèmes alimentaires et l’ensemble des acteurs du milieu agroalimentaire afin de faire rayonner producteurs, transformateurs et savoir-faire du Québec. Passionnée et dévouée, elle est la personne toute désignée pour faire le lien entre nos adhérents et le milieu HRI.

La reconnaissance Aliments du Québec au menu est un programme pour guider le consommateur à faire le choix du local dans toutes les occasions, tant au restaurant qu’en institution. Ce programme partage la mission de l’organisme Aliments du Québec qui est la promotion de l’industrie agroalimentaire québécoise.

Pauline Fernandez

Outre les neurosciences et la cognition, la formation universitaire de Mme Fernandez a porté sur la physiologie des sens, l’évaluation sensorielle et la psychologie cognitive. Depuis août 2013, Pauline Fernandez développe à l’ITHQ des projets de recherche visant à mieux comprendre la psychologie du consommateur québécois dans le milieu de la restauration gastronomique et la caractérisation sensorielle des produits identitaires du Québec. Pauline Fernandez manifeste un intérêt particulier à traduire les avancées académiques de l’étude de la perception du consommateur, en retombées opérationnelles tangibles, au service des industriels et des professionnels du tourisme, de l’hôtellerie et de la restauration.

Pierre Daigneault

Diplômé en Droit de l’université de Montréal et Entrepreneur/investisseur à répétition, Pierre a fondé et vendu plusieurs entreprises dans des domaines variés tel que l'immobilier, les services financiers et les services alimentaires tout en développant une forte expertise dans le développement des affaires à l’international. Depuis 2010 Pierre c'est concentré à acquérir des connaissances et à développer une expertise en matière de développement durable et responsabilité sociale des entreprises.

De par son rôle de président chez Bleu Innovation, Pierre accompagne et audit les établissements alimentaires vers l'obtention de la certification LEAF qui reconnaît les meilleurs pratiques en développement durable dans ce secteur d'activité.

A titre de Chef de la stratégie chez BizBiz Global, la plus grande plateforme de partage de ressources pour le secteur du BtoB, Pierre vise également à faire bénéficier l'industrie alimentaire des nombreux avantages de l'économie de partage.

Panel moderator

Catherine Lefebvre

Photo credit: Cindy Boyce


Catherine Lefebvre is a nutritionist, speaker and author. She wrote the book Sucre, vérités et consequences, on the history of sugar and its consequence on the environment and global health. She is a food and travel columnist for the newpaper Le Devoir, in which she writes on local and global sustainable food challenges, and boreal cuisine, so that to illustrate the richness of our unique terroir.